Geography with Aaliyah🤣

I promise I do a better job of homeschooling than this video alludes. I really do 🤣. I just really like making folks laugh!

In a moment of hilarity or weakness, I’m not quite sure, I decided to make this goofy little video. Never in a million years did I think it would strike a *funny* chord with so many and receive the traction it did. I guess it resonated with a bunch of folks, it being the quarantine and all. I mean. Sometimes it is pretty accurate.

Geography with Aaliyah

My friend had posted a similar video earlier in the day with her teaching her kids about Tupac and it was so cute and funny. I was inspired.

I thought of this little video on my jog during the kids little homeschool break. I was listening to my ninetys JAMS and this song came on and I just thought it would be funny to do something with it. I really love making people laugh and thought it might give folks a chuckle.

I suppose the moral of my story is that good (er, funny?) things come to those who exercise? Maybe not. But I do think I have some of my best ideas when I’m moving my body. Maybe it’s the endorphins, mixed with good vibes and stimulation. Who knows?

One last thing. I guess I just want to say, if you think you have a good idea or a hankering to do something. Do it! Don’t think on it forever. You’ll always feel better once you’ve tried. At least I do❤️.

Happy Sunday!

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