Pigeon Switch Transition

I thought this was a little clever and kinda fun all at the same time; made me smile and it made me think. Yoga for your body and your brain.

I like deepening the ol’ mind body connection that way.

You have to concentrate to get the wind/unwind right, or you might end up tripping over yourself.

I like challenging myself in ways that deepen the mind body connection. It helps on the mat and in a weird way, it helps calm my anxieties off the mat.

I think creating, in general, sort of gives you this weird feeling of accomplishment and helps you go more confidently about your day. Like you just created and executed something, all in the span of maybe 30 minutes. A flow may be a small “creation,” but you string it together from scratch. Or maybe pieced it together from bits of flows you’ve seen before, but it’s new and it’s your own.

It’s a really cool feeling. Anyhoo. I hope you like it! Happy Mindful Monday

Start in Downward Facing Dog

<Inhale> Pigeon, right leg forward

<Exhale> Bring left leg around, double pigeon

<Inhale> Boat, legs crossed, left leg on top

<Exhale> 1/2boat

<Inhale> roll up, forward fold, legs still crossed

<Inhale> half lift

<Exhale> Step right foot back high Lunge

Bring left knee down for pigeon on the left and repeat.

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