Ringing in 3 with a Tea (party)

I know this is primarily a Health and Fitness type blog buuuuut it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to LOL.

And this was just way too much fun NOT to write about. Plus I’ve had fantasies about a little girl Tea party since, well as long as I can remember. And I’ve been dreaming about it since I found out I was pregnant with our sweet Lils 🤗

I don’t really know where to start so I’ll start with what I did first- and that was buying all.the.THINGS! I went to one of those antique/small business booth shops and found my teacups/tea pots. I wanted a little whimsy and a little elegance, so here’s what I came up with. I spent about $114 total, but I admittedly went a little overboard, bought a few things impulsively and I do plan to use them all again. And the little tea set was Lily’s gift 😃.

I just couldn’t pass up this tea pot and matching plate. Or these plates for the sandwiches. 

They were just so fun and completely fulfilled the whimsical requirement!

The tiny teacups below I bought as a set of 8. I wanted the teacups to be cute, but more on the elegant side and I just loved these.

I bought a few other teapots/creamers and things, but those were more impulse buys because I was so excited 🤣.

But seriously, all of this was less than it costs to rent one of those big bouncy things you see at kids parties everywhere!

Anyhoo… Next I focused on the petit fours because I knew those would take the most time and I wanted to make sure I got them right!! I made 3 varieties: white chocolate, butterscotch and pink vanilla. 

Oh and look- there’s another teapot there too🤣. 

For the Petit Fours I just made 2 pound cakes. Froze them. Then cut them into little squares and poured/dipped them into a pourable fondant icing made of 4c powdered sugar, 1/4c water and corn syrup and 1c melted white chocolate and butterscotch chips.

Once I was confident in my ability to make those, I focused on the favors. I really really wanted a unique tea favor and decided on mini mismatched tea cups and saucers each girl could take home. I figured it would be a nice piece of memorabilia and something they could all play with again on future play dates!!

Once all those things were done, it was time to focus on the decorating! Not going to lie, this is my MILs gift and she did most of it, but I wanted to model it after the High Tea we had been to together in Victoria. 

It was so simple and elegant. I loved the tiered approach for the petit fours and little sandwiches and the little sugar cubes were a MUST!! I just thought they were so cute! Everything else we just kind of winged according to what sounded/tasted tea-ish; which ended up being lady fingers, pastry creams and some croissants. Oh! And we had to start with Strawberries and Cream! 

Oh! And the Lady Fingers ended up looking really cute on the plates too 🤗

I mean, can you tell I just had no fun doing this and putting this together…

It was a bit of effort, but it really wasn’t too bad. I would say you definitely need an idea in mind and it’s helpful to prioritize and focus on each thing individually, but it really was a complete blast! Don’t know if it qualifies as a “High Tea” experience, but our little princesses had fun. 

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