Hi there and CONGRATULATIONS mama! There is nothing more exciting or wonderful than bringing life into this new world. You.are.amazing. You are growing LIFE inside you! If that isn’t incredible, I don’t know what is. I mean, I can hardly believe all that we go through and I’ve done it three times!
It’s so important to take care of baby and to take care of OURSELVES, especially during this special time. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to look! That means a lot and please feel free to reach out. This is my forte and a subject I am pretty darn passionate about. PS- YOU ROCK!

Barre Full Body Sculpt is a great, pregnancy friendly, low impact COMPLETE workout routine that requires a set of light 3-5# weights. Feel the *gentle* burn as we elevate our HR, work, strengthen and sculpt muscles you never knew you had. Uses Barre technique and light weights for maximum effect without all the impact!

Cardio Low Body Sculpt combines barre, balance, cardio and strength techniques for a great, effective workout without all the impact. No equipment required! Great tips for strengthening that pelvic floor for pregnant mamas out there (like me :))

Prenatal moderate intensity interval training circuit (low impact HIIT), followed by a great strengthening, lengthening, cool down yoga session. This workout will leave you feeling worked, energized and refreshed all at the same time- all in 30 minutes!

Great low body sculpt workout, effective for all fitness levels. Uses low impact pulsing techniques from barre fitness, making this an ideal Pre/post natal routine!

This is a fun, effective, low impact circuit I put together for a great full body burn that works all your muscles… With a fun twist! I even filmed this on a slant, so it looks like I’m working harder… Or maybe I’m just dreaming of living in San Francisco. Orrrr, maybe one of my kids knocked over my camera when I wasn’t looking 😝. Either way- have fun and enjoy!!