Congratulations mama on your new addition! You are a complete rock star and deserve anything and everything for doing what you just did. Nine long months of carrying, growing and nurturing new life. And who knows how many hours of labor. You are amazing and your body is probably going through a lot of changes at this time! I completely understand wanting to “get back into it”- I know I did- and I am only too happy to help! However I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the importance of rest, bonding with baby and waiting until you have been cleared to exercise before jumping into things too quickly. Due to the delicate state our bodies are in during this time, I really do prefer to schedule a consultation with prospective clients who are postpartum and have been cleared by their doctor for exercise!

In the mean time, please check out my YouTube videos (with new content posted often) and Prenatal videos and Personal Training page to get an idea of what my style is all about :).


Body Strong Vinyasa
Cardio leg Sculpt and bootie lift
Cardio Booty Sculpting Tabata
Superfood PB Bars
Tabata HIIT 1
Breakfast on a stick
Body Strength, Stretch and Conditioning Vinyasa
Full Body HIIT 1
Vinyasa Sculpt at the Bar
Yoga For Core Strength
Vinyasa For Arm Strength
Dynamic Full Body Circuit+Yoga
Vinyasa Low Body Sculpt
Strength And Stability
Full Body Barre Routine
PiYO Circuit