Personal Training

Personal Training

Hi there, and thanks for visiting.  I understand how difficult it can be to find time for fitness… it’s even harder to find the right fitness program for YOU and your lifestyle. I’m a big believer in finding someone who can help you do that, design the right program AND hold you accountable. I believe I can do that for you and get you the results YOU want, that are tailored to your goals!

My training style incorporates various techniques including Resistance Training, High Intensity Interval Training, Yoga and Balance techniques. I enjoy incorporating the outdoors and/or parks if that suits your lifestyle.

 I don’t like sticking to one style because it’s important to keep the body guessing and always challenged so you burn calories LONG after your actual workout.

 Quick fixes are not a solution! As your personal trainer, it is MY goal to teach you how to adopt a healthy, realistic lifestyle that you will love. It should become second nature. You won’t even have to think about it when I’m done with you ;).

 Working out should not be a chore or a privilege. Start setting, reaching and CRUSHING your GOALS!

Contact me to see if Virtual and/or Private sessions would be a good fit for you. I can’t wait to get started!

 See below for a sampling of my workouts and check out my prenatal/post partum tab if that is your stage of life!