Turmeric Latte

Probably one of my most requested recipes. To be honest, I’m shocked I hadn’t blogged this sooner. It’s pretty much on a daily repeat over here, so I guess I just forgot about writing it down🤷🏻‍♀️.

It’s creamy, flavorful, subtly sweet, spicy and comforting all at the same time. And turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that can help give those immune systems a boost, especially when it gets cold!

Sometimes I change my spices up, but this is pretty much my go to. I’ll also use fresh turmeric + ginger root when I have it and that I don’t measure so well 😬. I just kind of peel and slice off little knobs of it and throw it in the blender. The dry stuff is better if you’re just starting out and want to be able to measure/gauge the strength of the drink for yourself!

Ok, for this recipe you will need:


1/2tsp dry turmeric

1/4 tsp dry ginger

1/2 tsp dry cinnamon

Small dash pepper

Teeny pinch Himalayan sea salt

1/4tsp cardamom

1-2tbsp maple syrup (or other sweetener)*

1/2c water

1c milk of choice (i use home made almond or cashew milk)

1tsp. MCT oil (optional- I use this kind)

1 scoop collagen peptides (optional- I use this or this kind)

* your type of milk affects the sweetness of the latte. If you’re using a store bought, sweetened nut milk, you’ll need less sugar and might be able to omit it completely

** if using actual ginger and/or turmeric root, peel and cut about 1/4″ knob off of each and blend with 1/2-1c water in a high speed blender before heating over the stove


1. Place the turmeric, ginger, pepper, salt, cardamom and cinnamon in a sauce pan and turn the heat on med. Let the spices heat up and get all toasty for about 1 minute

  • 2. When you can really smell the deliciousness, add your water and bring everything to a boil. Reduce that to a simmer and whisk in your maple syrup.
  • 3. Add your milk of choice and whisk gently, but firmly. You can also add in the optional add ins here too. If you’re using peptides and MCT oil, that’s when this will get nice and frothy🤤.
  • 4. At this point you can strain the spices or just pour into a mug and enjoy! I usually don’t strain the turmeric mil if I’m using dry spices, but I do if I’m using the fresh root.
  • Cabbage Pad Thai

    If you hadn’t noticed, I love dishes where you can really devour the whole thing and not only not feel bad, but feel really good afterwards! Ya feel me?

    Anyhoo. This one took some developing, and I feel like I’ll still tinker with it here and there, but I finally felt like I got the flavors where I wanted them!

    Also, I don’t usually make a habit of using those miracle noodles, but they are clutch here for the texture! Again, you could also use traditional rice noodles, too…

    This is about as non traditional pad Thai as it gets, but the flavors were on point, IMHO 🤗.

    And you can legit eat the whole pan and feel like you did something good for the ol bod! Pad Thai usually makes me feel sleepy and a little heavy, which is totally ok sometimes! But I’m the afternoons I rely on lunch for a pick me up… not a one way ticket to nap-town. I have 3 kiddos: 18mo, 3 and 6. Ain’t nobody got time for naps!

    Anyhoo. Onto the recipe!


    • 1 bag cole slaw. Unless you want to chop your own cabbage and stuff…

    • 1/3c bone broth

    • 1.5 tbsp Fish sauce

    • 2 tsp braggs liquid aminos

    • 1tbsp maple syrup

    • optional: 1 tsp lemongrass paste and ginger paste*

    * I really love the spicy tangy-ness these add, but they aren’t for everyone!

    • 2tbsp coconut milk (weird, I know, but it really rounded out the flavor profile!)

    • 1tsp chili garlic paste

    • juice of 1/2 lime

    • 3-4 tbsp peanut butter powder

    • 1 pkg miracle noodles, any variety


    1. Heat a sauté pan over med/high heat

    2. Add bone broth, fish sauce, liquid aminos, maple syrup, coconut milk and chili garlic paste.

    3. Stir that for a minute or so until all ingredients are incorporated

    4. Add your cole-slaw and cook stirring occasionally to incorporate all the sauce into the cole slaw. It should look like this:

    5. Sprinkle the cabbage with PB powder like this:

    6. Add the miracle noodles on top and combine thoroughly. It should look like this:

    7. Add siracha if you’re me and toasted sesame seeds and/or chopped peanuts and dive in!

    Turmeric Latte Pancakes

    Ok people. I seriously cannot stop making these. And I also cannot stop with my current turmeric obsession and experimentation. Why am I just now discovering this spice?! 

    And they’re really not that yellow, so your kids wont scoff!

    Also, I know I went a little flour crazy with this recipe, but it’s because I’m a big nerd, have them all on hand and I really like the flavor combos. If I could pick 2, use the pat flour and almond flour and never mind the rest. The almond flour adds amazing flavor! You could just use oat flour too, but I really think the almond flour reaaaallllyy bumps it up a notch!

    I make an enourmous batch of these and use them for everything. Breakfasts. Snacks. Lunch. I love slapping some PB on top. Then plain Greek yogurt. Then some berries or sweet potato-depending in how I’m feeling. Delish either way!

    Ok. Here we go:


    1.5c oat flour

    1c almond flour

    1/4c rice bran (tocos)

    1/4c wheat germ

    1/4c coconut flour

    1tbsp psyllium husk powder (good for digestion, but don’t over do it!!!)

    1 scoop vanilla protein powder

    1/4c organic evaporated cane juice

    1tsp baking powder

    1tsp baking soda

    2tsp turmeric

    2tsp cinnamon

    1/2 tsp ginger

    3/4c cottage cheese

    2 farm fresh eggs

    1.5c milk of choice

    1tbsp vanilla

    2tbsp honey 

    Directions. Heat pan over med heat. Whisk dry ingredients together and set aside in a bowl. Blend remaining wet ingredients thoroughly. Make a little well in the dry ingredients and pour half the wet ingredients in. Mix until well incorporated. Add more wet. Mix again. Add the last of the wet and mix until all ingredients have been incorporated. Then I use a 1/4c to scoop out the batter and pour into the griddle. Then it’s time to flippity flip those flap jacks!! I personally prefer these with yogurt, berries, butternut squash and/or a liiiiiitle but butter over syrup. But that’s just me! Shoot, my daughter just eats the batter plain, so c’est las vie. And to each his own. And whatever other colloquial phrases come to mind 🤣.

    Toasted Turmeric Ginger Spiced Oats

    Mmmm. So warm and cozy and filling and crunchy and oozy and fresh and anti-inflammatory all at the same time. I got the idea for these after I fell in love with Turmeric Lattes and thought, why not? It’s a really great, flavorful base that goes really well with lots of things so you can use it multiple ways.

    And I usually just do this for one serving because I like eating steel cut oats hot and fresh. So here goes:

    1/4c steel cut oats (SCO from now on cuz I’m lazy…)

    3/4c water 

    1/8 tsp turmeric

    1/8 tsp Ginger

    1/4 tsp cinnamon

    Dash salt

    1 tbsp sucanat or organic sugar

    Heat up your pot. Add the SCO and let those boys toast for a bit (maybe a minute or two). 

    Add your powders and salt and let it toast a bit more, maybe 30 sec).

     Add your water and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and add your sugar. Swirl and stir the pot a bit. Cover and allow to simmer for 20 minutes, stirring every so often to prevent sticking to the pot. Scoop out your gold, oatey goodness and top to your hearts content! I love coconut, berries and a teensiest amount of dark chocolate 😋. Or a few walnuts and blueberries.