Avocado Chicken Salad, 3 Ways

My new favorite go-to is cooking a whole/young chicken in a crock pot! You can season it a million ways, it stays really moist and there are a lot of leftovers.
Quick note: I take the skin off before I cook the chicken. It slow cooks for so long and there are a lot of different spices to keep it flavorful without all the extra fatty skin. When storing, I always take my chicken pieces out, take the bones out and store it separately from the veggies. This keeps the flavors separate, you won’t have little bits of chicken all over your veggies and it doesn’t congeal into a big blobby gelatinous mixture.
OK- on with the post. I decided to try a chicken salad with this round of left overs. I used avocado instead of mayo and it was delicious. I tried to get creative with it and came up with 3 different ways to have it.

Here’s how I made the salad:
1 chicken breast+1thigh
1/2 avocado
1/4 small red onion, chopped
3 mini bell peppers, chopped
Juice from 1/2 lemon
Garlic salt to taste

I sort of crumbled the chicken breast into the blender. I say crumble because it’s SO soft after being cooked in the crock pot that it just breaks apart in your hands. Then I add all the rest of the ingredients and blend it on low until all the ingredients are well incorporated. And voila! You’re done. You could just shovel it in with a spoon at this point, or try one of these cute ways to have it đŸ™‚

Stuffed inside a mini bell pepper:

 Inside the avocado bowl with tomatoes: Protein Bowl!!

On Wasa Toast!

Crock Pot Chicken Soup

I think I am falling in love with my crock pot all over again! I cooked a whole chicken in there the other day with some potatoes and onions and it was amazing, and so simple. We couldn’t finish an entire chicken in one dinner and I didn’t really want to throw the leftovers in the fridge because I knew the remaining broth, potato, onion and bone remnants would congeal and it wouldn’t be to appealing the next day.

I had just done some reading on the benefits of leeks (and as a result, obviously bought some) and decided to channel my inner Bridget Jones and make some soup. There was no blue to be found on the leek, so felt safe in so far as my soup turning blue went ;). So this is my left over crock pot chicken leek soup:


1 leek, green husks removed, cut in half and washed
4 large carrots, peeled and diced into discs
4 stalks celery, diced
Chicken meat from 1 breast and 1 thigh (leftover from crock pot, roughly 1/2 a young chicken
Left over liquid from crock pot chicken for stock
garlic salt thyme, rosemary, oregano and parsley to taste
1/2 package rice noodles
Before you get started, here is a quick little video I used for preparing leeks, since I had never done it before! I just you tubed and liked this one because she gives you suggestions on what to do with leftovers and other ideas to use leeks for :).
Thinly slice leeks and saute on the bottom of stock pot in a little olive oil and garlic salt. Add carrots and celery. Sweat these vegetables for about 5 minutes. Add your cooked or left over chicken. Add spices to taste and your left over liquid from the crock pot chicken or about 2 cups chicken stock and 2 cups water. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer for 30 minutes to an hour (or longer, ie until your next meal!) to let all the flavors combine. Right before serving, bring soup to a boil and add your rice noodles. They will finish cooking in about 2 minutes, so you can reduce to a simmer and serve! I recommend serving this soup with a little avocado on top, it’s delicious!

Delicious… and not blue!