Jacobs Well, Wimberly and Lucky Arrow

I’m happy to report and share another whale of a time and grand adventure with the kiddos! I love finding hidden gems and exotic type locations right in our back yard. Traveling is tough during COVID19, but not impossible. And there are tons of outdoor, social distance friendly type places to go.

This was a day 1 of a two day road trip itinerary that we had a blast on. The inspiration for this trip is from the amazing travel blog My Curly Adventures. She’s an amazing Texas travel blogger you should check out before you go anywhere in Texas.

When I first saw images of Jacobs Well, I knew I had to go. I tried to plan a swimming reservation, but for whatever reason it didn’t work out. No matter, we decided to go any way! I won’t lie, a swimming reservation would have definitely enhanced the destination, but it was still very cool without one.

We live about 2 hours away and got there around 3pm. The short 10 minute hike was just what we needed to refresh ourselves after the trip. The staff was very friendly and helpful, but they definitely triple check to make sure you have a swimming reservation, but let you do everything besides get in if you don’t have one! Even though we didn’t have a swimming reservation, the kiddos thought it was very cool.

We only spent about 45 minutes here, which was nice because it left us quite a bit of time to explore Wimberly. We did a bit of adventuring around Cypress Creek because we like that kind of thing and grabbed some ice cream and looked at a few of the decorated boots and cute vintage shops in Wimberly.

Hamming it up outside the cute shops in Wimberly

We tried to find a spot in the creek to put in our Paddle Boards, but I will say, Wimberly folks are very protective of their creek access. There are some public access points, but you usually have to have a reservation or a cabin to go into the swimmable parts.

Even though creek paddling was a bust, we did discover a cute little spot called Pioneer Town, which was VERY cool and very fun for the kiddos. It was like a mini pioneer town frozen in time that you could walk around in and pretend like you were in the Wild West. Kids got a huge kick out of it and so did I!

Pioneer Town

By this time, it was about 6:30pm and we were a little tired from the days travels and ready to get to our hotel. We stayed at the Lucky Arrow “glamping” adventure base camp, which was our vibe 100%. We almost stayed in a Yurt there, but I decided I needed my own bed and bathroom because well I have 3 kids and also wanted my own bed and to sleep, so we went with a cabin.

Me being extra, as usual 🤣

Definitely loved the cabin experience! We had fire pits, hot tubs and grills right there. The cabins were adorable and also a stones throw from the pool, which the kiddos decided we needed to visit immediately!

The pool was just what we needed. We hung out for a bit, wound down and relaxed into this new space. We swam and played for about 30 minutes before heading back to it cabin to warm up in our hot tubs while we grilled hot dogs and made a fire for S’mores. Kids showered and got ready for bed, while grabbed a quick glass of vino and finished off the night at the fire pit. Definitely not a bad day…

At the Pool at Lucky Arrow ❤️

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