Stonehenge II, Waterslide Dams and Wineries, oh my!

Aka Day 2 of our Fredericksburg/Ingram family getaway. What a whale of a day! Not sure we could have crammed more into it, but it didn’t feel rushed! There was adventure, excitement, ice cream, relaxation, wine, beer, food. All the fun things.

Just a mom. Doing my best. To be THE MOST extra

One thing I love about about having Littles is that you wake up EARLY and are able to fit all the things into your day. But I digress. Here’s the good stuff.

I had a wild hair to go to Ingram after seeing pictures of a Stonehenge recreation, aptly names “Stonehenge II” on My Curly Adventures blog post titled “Places that Don’t Feel Like Texas.” I’ve always wanted to see Stonehenge, but with 3 kids and a hubby with a very time demanding career… sadly, that is not in our near future. Stonehenge II was a really fun little thing to see and it’s only about 40 minutes outside Fredericksburg. It’s a little smaller than Stonehenge, but had a very cool vibe and was next a really gorgeous creek and out door play area that was very cool. We left at around 9 am after eating our delicious breakfast, provided by the Inn.

We got there around 9:45 and I don’t know. Stonehenge II just gave me all those inspirational feels! It’s great for photo ops, meditation, and just walking around. We took full advantage in case you couldn’t tell. We spent about an hour here before we left for more adventure.

Goofing around. I just can’t help myself 🤣🙈

Which came in the form of a Dam. Ingram Dam; literally .7 miles from Stonehenge II. Ingram Dam, we discovered, was a swimmable dam that you can actually swim in and slide down. It may have been a bit red neck, but it was a blast. It’s a little intimidating/scary at first, but so fun. We set up our camping chairs, picnic bought some boogie boards and tubes (bc we forgot ours 🙄- you can totally bring your own) and stayed for about 2 hours! It was a blast.

Sliding down the dam. SO much fun!
My Littlest ❤️

And what’s even BETTER is that it’s right next to O’hanas Shaved Ice/Ice Cream Parlor! Which we clearly had to try. Talk about a big morning/early afternoon.

Shaved Ice!

By this time, hubby and I decided we had filled the kiddos happiness-o-meter and had earned ourselves a trip (or two) to some wineries! Even better, there were amazing wineries in the Hill Country on the way back to Fredericksburg. Winning.

The first Winery we stopped at was Augusta Vin. Absolutely stunning. Delicious Wine. Yummy food. But here, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Vino at Augusta Vin

I also really enjoyed that you could eat on this gorgeous balcony overlooking the Vineyard! It was just the most perfect vibe. It was even entertaining enough for the kids who happily munched on charceuterie and minded their business.

Wine snacks!

Augusta Vin was wonderful and all, but we felt we really needed to explore and sample another winery! We decide to head to Safari Winery because my hubby is a Chilean wine lover and we had heard the owners of this winery were Chilean and South African wine connoisseurs.

Sunglasses and straw hats. Helping me go from creek to fancy winery in 5 minutes flat🤣

We figured the kiddos might get a little squirrelly, so we prepared this time and brought in some coloring books and paper. They were tired enough that this sufficed and I think they actually enjoyed the “quiet time.” We sat out back and had a great time. We loved the Malbec and the Carmenere. The scenery wasn’t as spectacular as Augusta Vin, but it was just what we needed. The trees were very neat too and it really almost felt like you were on a little safari pause.

The kiddos (and I) loved these trees!
Wine at Safari

Safari winery was right by our room, so headed back to our little Rumplestiltskin cottage to change and rest a bit before heading out for a couple beers and apps at Fredericksburg Brewing Company. I mean… how could we not? The oldest craft brewery in Fredericksburg seemed too iconic a place to miss! We got their flight of 8 beers, German Potato Skins YUM and chips for the kids 🤣.

Das Bier. Nuff said

After about an hour of enjoying ourselves some more, we headed to the Old Bavarian Inn for supper. Service was a little slow, but the food was delicious. Highly recommend the vegetable beef soup with your meal and the bread was amazing! Very authentic. Very fun. My husband was happy that kale was only used here as a garnish 🤣

Apparently Kale is the garnish here 🤣

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