Fredericksburg, Texas

A Day 1, packed fun family itinerary; ie what we did 🤣

Day 1 (for us) denotes a travel day. However if you leave early enough to get to Fredericksburg around 1 in the afternoon, there’s a lot of time to explore, even for a travel day.

The first place we stopped was The Pacific War Museum. We had just watched “Midway” and it was dubbed a must see.

Joke was on us however, because they are closed Monday and Tuesday, word to the wise, womp womp. That being said, there is still a lot to explore outside the museum that is open and really neat. There are several anti aircraft guns you can see up close and several murals, plaques ship parts etc. And let’s be real. That’s all the kids really cared about anyway. It was nice to walk around outside after the drive, too. Guess we’ll just have to come back to see the rest.

Since the museum was closed, we had time to walk the main strip for a bit, which was so quaint and beautiful. I’m told you can spend an entire day at the Pacific War Museum, but we will have to do that some other time. If you just want to check it out for about an hour, it’s a great start point to walk down and see the Main Street.

The Main Strip has your cute shops, quaint German spaces, Breweries, Wineries etc… you can walk around with an open container on Fredericksburgs Main Street, which is always fun.

We made a few stops here and there; had to do the candy store for the kids, shared a family root beer and did all those nostalgic happy memory making things.

We also felt compelled to head over to a brewery and have a couple beers and German sausages outside on the patio. We didn’t stay long and it was just the refreshing pick me up that we needed.

So refreshing

We spent about 2 hours in town and after that we headed to Das Peach Haus, which was about 7 minutes away. I had heard about it from My Curly Adventures and I was dying to see it. Sounded like my kind of place and it definitely did not disappoint! So many sauces, jams, jellies, wine etc. but that wasn’t even the best part!

They had all these cute little photo ops that just made you smile.

There was even a deck out back by a gorgeous pond with Adirondack chairs and tables set up so you could enjoy a nice glass of peach wine or peach ice cream if you wanted.

After staying for about 45 min, we finally decided to check in to our hotel: Rarumpelpunzeldornaschenwittchen🤣. I know. Gesundheit. But let me tell you. This place is absolutely adorable and the most perfect place to stay if you have adventure loving kids. I should really do an entire separate blog post on it, but I’ll just do my best here with pictures.

You’re not just getting a room, you get a little cottage, complete with a cozy loft that your kiddos will go bonkers over! And outside is a beautiful piece of property that the owners have taken great care to make welcoming. There’s a fire pit, a whimsical little bridge, birds chirping, kittens playing and the whole place lights up at night with different Twinkling colored lights. It’s absolutely perfect.

Here are a few pictures of the inside

We finished with dinner at the Auslander, where I am determined to remake the dish I had called Rouladen. It had cabbage, pickles and something all rolled in thinly sliced beef- SO yummy.

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