Apple Nachos

Best way to eat an apple if you ask me. And there are endless combinations. I feel like I will be returning and adding to this post again and again 🤣

All you need is an apple, your favorite but butter and desired toppings. And boom. You’ve got the making of a very delicious snack.

Ok, so first you take your favorite kind of apple. I like the Pink Lady Ones. Then you slice it, pretty thinly. As you can see I got about 20 slices or so from 1 apple! This is what gives it that nice crisp chip type feel.

Ok, once your apples are sliced like so, take your favorite but butter. It works well if it’s a natural, drizzle kind. I am using Mara Natha Almond Butter here, but you can use another one! If the nut butter is not quite drizzly enough, you can add some non flavored oil like MCT oil to loosen it up a bit.

Then, go nuts with your toppings. I used cacao nibs, Goni berries and pumpkin seeds for mine.

My kids used Oreos, chocolate chips and raisins for theirs 🤣. Again. You do you here! Have fun with it. I honestly think I want to try one with a drizzly cheese here one day. I LOVE that apple pie/cheddar cheese combo! Anyone else?

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