Spicewood, Texas with the Fam

Waterfalls, mermaid rocks, rope swings, secret caves, natural springs, waterfalls, pools, cliff jumps oh my! Feels like you’re in Bali or some place, but not Texas!

Anyhoo. We decided to take the family to Krause Springs in Spicewood, TX one hot summer July day after discovering it on the blog “My Curly Adventures.” This blog is amazing and you should check it out if you plan on going ANYWHERE in Texas!

Our family went July 4 and it was very busy! Amazing, but very busy. I would maybe recommend going a different day if you don’t love crowds. We will most certainly be going back.

I know I already said this, but it doesn’t even feel like you’re in Texas when you’re here. It’s like a mystical hidden waterfall swimming hole in the woods. There is also an in ground stone pool with a stone diving board surrounded by private tents and picnic tables if you’re into that, but our family preferred the natural springs right below it. There’s something about it that just speaks to our wild adventurous side.

Quick pic of the pool area. Kiddos only cared about the diving board 🤣

Who am I kidding. The natural spring+swimming hole is just where it’s at. Even when you’re beginning your descent down the stone steps from the pool area, there is an absolutely stunning waterfall that greets you to your immediate right. The *gentle* falls flow into a natural pool that is perfect for swimming, wading and tubing. Most of the folks there had a tube so they could chill and float in the springs. And the waterfall is just otherworldly. The lush, cavernous greenery behind it will take your breath away.

See? It’s otherworldly. Doesn’t even feel like Texas!

Once you peel your eyes away from the gorgeousness that is the waterfall, and across the swimming hole, you’ll see several rock boulders where you can set up chairs, picnic blankets and a home base. It’s great because there are several natural smaller wading pools all around that are equally gorgeous and fun to explore!

Sitting in a smaller wading pool right by our home base

If you’re me and my kiddos, however, you grab your tube, race down the boulders, crash into the water and head straight for the rope swing… and stay there doing it over and over again for at least 30 minutes. It’s a little scary at first (that Boulder is higher than it looks!), but so much fun. There’s just something so magical about swinging from a rope hanging from a tree into the water.

Anyhow, the rope swing is fine and all until you get hungry and head back to the home base for a snack. When you’re eating your snack, you’ll notice that there is a beautiful “mermaid rock” underneath the waterfall that you can actually swim to and hang out on! So you decide you definitely need to grab your floatie and crash into the water to check it out. Mom also definitely needs to come so she can take your picture.😉☺️❤️

Then once you’re there, you’ll discover that there are secret caves behind the waterfall! Initially it’s a little creepy, but you decide you’re brave enough to go in. So you swim into these mysterious cave, giggling and squealing with delight.

I am not even kidding with this gorgeousness!

Those activities are great and all, but after a while, you decide it’s time to head back to the rope swing. Upon further inspection of the rope swing, you’ll discover another cave that actually leads up to a small(ish) cliff that you can actually jump off of. You eye it a few times, but might decide you’re not quiiiiiite ready for that level of adventure, so you satisfy yourself with 100 more swinging jumps from the rope swing. Each one crazier than the last.

After roughly 4 hours, you decide you’re finally hungry enough to head home for supper. But not without taking a few dives off the diving board.

Anyhoo. These are some of our recommendations if you’re looking for ways to stay cool during the hot Texas summer days! Word to the wise, the rocks get very slippery, so water shoes would be helpful! And definitely bring some sort of tube/float device and snacks!

Also of note, it does cost $8 for 12 and up and $5 for little people ages 4-11 for a day pass and I’m not really sure what the camping fees are, but I do know that they have them! You can find out in their FAQ here

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