Black Owned Food Businesses I’m trying

Never have I been more convicted to do my part for Black Lives Matter than I am right now. I sit here almost ashamed of my naïveté and ignorance, born of my sheltered life of *relative* socioeconomic privilege. I cannot change that, but I can do my part in educating myself and becoming ACTIVELY acti-racist. It isn’t enough anymore for me to just say, “I’m not racist.” From now on, I will do my best to better educate myself, so I can do better, be better and help stop this spread of racism that, before now, I truly had no clue existed.

I know my platform is very small, as is my sphere of influence, but from now on I will be intentionally diversifying my pantry and table by cooking with foods that come from Black Owned businesses. I believe any positive change here in stamping out racism and ignorance here is a good thing, no matter how small your platform. and Bon Appetit have helped me curate my list and these are a few of the brands I will be trying in the near future! Just wanted to share in case anyone else found this helpful! stay tuned ❤️

I’ve also included the links for all of these brands and companies! Excited to show y’all what I can make with these amazing products ❤️

I stole the above graphic from @msmaverickmuse because I loved it (and her message) so much! Support in any and all ways that you can- especially if you can spread joy and light while doing so.

Here are some food items that I have either ordered, used or will order to use in my kitchen (and showcase on my blog here). They are black owned business and I will tag them below ❤️

@iyafoods- Founded in 2015 by Toyin Kolawole, Iya Foods promotes nourishing African-inspired ingredients and supports job creation via buying local and sourcing from growers who use environmentally responsible methods. If you saw my stories, you already know I ordered a bunch of these products and can’t wait to use them- you can get them right on Amazon! I bought the plantain and cassava flours so far and I plan on buying her crushed Hybiacus and cauliflower/cassava flour blend! I’m thinking of making cauliflower bites and zucchini bread with these!

Iya Foods products

@berhanteff – is a company founded by Ermeyes and Betlehim Ghebrreselassie that makes Ted flour; a gluten free, nutrient packed ancient grain indigenous to Ethiopia. I’m a flour nut and can’t wait to experiment with this!

@golde – Brooklyn-based brand that makes superfood-boosted health and beauty products. I’m still digging into what I want to order here… it all looks so amazing!

@partakefoods – founded by Denise Woodward, this is a cookie company that specializes in gluten free, allergy free, vegan cookies that are *reputably* super delicious. I’m dying to try their Birthday Cake cookie and need to place my order stat!

@ivysteaco – not only is this business Black owned (by the herbalist, Shanae), but one day every month, Ivys Tea Co. donates to various black forward charities. I cannot wait to try the Coconut Vanilla Rise And Grind!! She’s been swamped with business lately (whoop!) but I’m patient, so that’s ok ❤️

@jonesbbqkc – it’s amazing. My favorite is the “Sweet and Tangy” and I’ve already made ribs with it. I’m sure not near as good as they do, but I’m learning!

Not the best pic, but Jones BBQ makes the BEST ribs

@vickycakeapancakemix – because I’m always looking for better pancake mixes. It’s a hobby of mine. And these have some serious hype!

@ivyees – I’ve gotten their hibiscus raw honey from @wholefoods before and it is amazing. Definitely time for a re-order and I actually want to try their bee pollen too! They also sell skin care products as well.

@realdopecoffee – well, I feel like that speaks for itself! My husband loves a good Guatemalan blend, so this with a side of beard oil (yes they sell that!) seems like a good Fathers Day gift to me. Their CEO, Mike, also seems very relatable and I have found his videos to be very raw, real, open and honest and I really appreciate that. Oh- and he’s also a former Marine. Gotta love a good Veteran owned business.

Excited to diversify my pantry and my feed. Stay tuned. And try a few of these brands!

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