Gift Bag Ideas

Taking a brief pause from my not-so-regularly scheduled recipe posts for a little gift bag idea post. Seemed timely and potentially helpful, so I figured why not.

Plus I just thought they were so cute 🥰

There’s a little something for everyone and it’s super cost effective… Cost effective, but thoughtful details that will definitely bring a smile to anyone’s face. These are great to give neighbors, mail carriers, bus drivers, teachers, or as a sweet little addition to your holiday cards for the friends that live close by. Who doesn’t like a little Christmas cheer?

If you take out the extract and the card, I think each bag (including the bag) cost me around 80cents! Shoot. A postage stamp’ll run ya .59 these days! Why not hand deliver a cute little happy for the Holidays instead (and when you can!)

Here’s a brief overview of what’s inside:

Tiny baggie:

Hot Cocoa+ tiny bell, tied with twine+ “Believe” sticker for my Polar Express fans.

Bath bomb wrapped in a bit of green tissue paper with “You Da Bomb” sticker. If you buy these suckers in bulk, they’re really inexpensive! You could also make them, but I didn’t have time this year 😭

Peppermint and Vanilla Extracts (recipes linked here on the blog)

Couple tiny candy canes and a card!

Voila! A tiny little Christmas Happy to give with tour card.

Here’s a closeup look, along with a link if you want to order the materials!

Hot Cocoa, twine, bell

Bath Bomb, tissue paper, sticker

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