Sourdough Adventures

Best advice. Just start.

Sourdough is an intimidating thing and if you start thinking about and listing all the steps in your head, you won’t do it. It’s a lot, but it’s worth it and you can do most steps while you’re doing other things. There’s a lot of passive time. You either have to set a time or be really good at keeping time while multi-tasking.

But literally all you need is flour, water and salt. Dass it.

Here’s the link I used for the starter:

I stayed pretty true to this method and aged my starter for 5 days… and a little beyond for the second batch. I like my Sourdough really sour, so 5 days is like a minimum for me 🤣. You might not like it as sour, so go with your personal preference here.

I used King Arthur brand Organic All Purpose Flour for my Starter.

I followed this recipe for the bread:

Don’t be intimidated by the 25 steps 🤣. Just kinda start doing it, and you’ll find that many of the steps take hardly any time at all, or they’re things like “let the dough rise for an hour” and you can do other stuff like fold laundry or make dinner while you wai🤣. You won’t be glued to the kitchen for hours, I promise!

I would also recommend using the all purpose flour the first couple times you make it. I tried using white whole wheat and it came out really dense. I’m going to wait until I’m a little more sourdough savvy before i try again!

All right folks! Happy baking and let me know whatcha think!

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