Four or 400 ingredient Chocolate

Four or 400 ingredient chocolate- you decide! This base recipe is just coconut oil, cacao powder, honey and a little vanilla. Heat it all up in a pot, pour it and cool it. Voila. Little chocolate melties that are SO yummy. So yummy and so versatile. You can dip stuff in it, fill it, top it… I myself have done almond butter cups, coconut cups, topped it with various nuts, made almond butter sammies (shown here), dipped bananas in there… I don’t think I can name all the ways!! Not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed 🤔


2/3 c coconut oil

2/3 c cacao powder

3tbsp honey

1tsp vanilla

Heat coconut oil until melted. Add remaining ingredients and stir until they are all incorporated. Pour into your cooking vessel and put them into the fridge/freezer until hard. Top with whatever you like!

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