A Tale of 2 Smoothies…

”Twas the best of smoothies, ”twas the worst of… no wait! I’m getting carried away here. I’m no Charles Dickens, but I can make a pretty BA smoothie, if I do say so myself. And both are vegetable based. Say whaaa? Yep. Vegetable based and you wouldn’t even know it. 

The Green Goliath goes something like this:

1.5c spinach/baby kale blend

1/2c roasted, frozen butternut squash 

1/2c steamed then frozen Cauli

1 small frozen apricot

3 dragonfruit cubes/pieces

1 coconut Greek yogurt container (I use Siggis)

1 scoop vanilla protein powder of choice 

1/2c almond milk +1/2c water 

Put the greens on the bottom, pile everything on top and blennnnnd baby blend! It seems like the blender won’t be able to handle it at first, but if you plunge with that Vitamix plunger tool, it’ll work and it’ll be sooooo think and creamy, just begging for all kinds of toppings to be piled on. 

Bears.Beets.BattlestarGalactica. Which of those 3 things makes this The Pink Delight? Also, name that show. 

Also Fact: Bears Eat Beets

And if you don’t know the show now, BEET it 🤣🤣🤣. Kidding! What has gotten into me?!

Obviously the first ingredient gives away my secret to this smoothies pink color. So cool! Veggies ROCK 🤓

2 small beets, steamed then cooled

3/4c cauliflower, steamed then frozen

1/2 small apricot, frozen

3 dragonfruit cubes

1/3 pear, frozen

1 container coconut flavored greek yogurt (I used Siggis), frozen

1/2c almond milk+1/2c water

Start with the cauliflower, then beets. Then pile everything into the Vitamix and blend/plunge away! 

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