Berry Delicious Tortilla Wraps!

I love play dates. Great for kids, great for moms and great for idea and recipe sharing! Yay! I found these little gems to give a healthy remake from a play date in Savannah. The original recipe is from the once a month mommy website. Tons of neat ideas on how to prep food for an entire month! My recipe isn’t too vastly different, I used low carb tortillas in place of regular, coconut oil in place of butter and Greek yogurt in place of regular. Just trying to health it up a bit :).
First, grab your tortillas and get your station ready: 2 plates side by side, one with 1/4 cup melted coconut oil and the other with 1/2 cup cinnamon and sugar mixed. After your plates have your yogurt and berries ready, then your baking sheet with tin foil.

1.+2. Take one tortilla and dip one side in the coconut oil and then in the cinnamon sugar.
3. Place one spoonful and yogurt and sprinkle of berries on each tortilla
4. Place on baking sheet
5. Fold both ends in and then roll like a burrito.

Flash freeze for 2 hours or more. Half way through the freezing process, take them out and cut them in half. This way the filling won’t ooze out and you won’t be cutting into a rock! They just look better this way. Like little cinnamon berry pies 🙂

Let these thaw for about 10-15 minutes before eating so they won’t be super hard :).

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