Healthy Breakfast Burritos

I would definitely say I am on a breakfast preparation kick! I love breakfast burritos and it seemed like a good breakfast I could prep for the week. I also decided to try the more picture detailed blog post in for size so here we go.

Spray a pan with some olive oil spray. Start with a generous handful of spinach:
Don’t worry, it wilts down!

I like to add a little water and minced onions so the spinach doesn’t stick to the pan:

Grab 4 eggs

Whip 4 egg whites in a bowl and pour them into your wilted spinach:

Turn the heat to medium an stir until your egg whites are set. Add some salsa!

Set this aside for a bit and grab some low carb tortillas:

Lay a tortilla on top of a paper towel, spoon egg mixture onto tortilla and fold:

Wrap in parchment paper and put in the fridge!

Next time I make these I’m going to chop some onions and peppers! And put cheese on my tortilla…

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