Whole 30 Day 23-30

Woah! It’s been a while. I didn’t forget, I’ve just been super busy changing jobs, getting a new computer (Apple! I made the switch and I love it) and vacationing with my family (Myrtle Beach and Emerald Isle…absolutely beautiful, so blogging wasn’t necessarily my priority here, sorry)!

Anyhow, for this week, or 8 days really, I had much of the same foods, but I decided to try a lot more stir fry type dishes and made sure I varied my meats between lunch and dinner. I suppose this is important for variety and also I read of late, for your metabolism. Who knew?

For breakfast I went back to the Kale-Egg Muffins. They are a bit more work, but they are a lot more flavorful. Especially with black coffee and chicory!

Snacks are always a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts. Apple with walnuts, bananas with almonds, oranges with macadamia nuts, pistachios, cashews… I sometimes even threw a peach, pear or papaya in there to mix things up.

Here’s a picture because we all love to see them on a blog…

For lunch I had a lot of the Chicken “Lo Mein” with the cabbage as the noodles. I love this dish! On the days I didn’t have this I usually had a big spinach salad with grilled chicken, avocado, a boiled egg, red onions, olives and tomatoes with a lemon juice/olive oil vinaigrette. Delicious and filling. I had a picture, but I accidentally deleted them all. Once I had that sweet potatoe, avocado and boiled egg combination which I love.

For a pictures sake, the salad looked a lot like this, only with more red onions and a chopped boiled egg. I got this off of google-images so I would have a picture… guilty.

Snacks were either fruit and nuts or a Larabar. I tried this Chocolate Brownie one and it was amazing. It was so rich. Hard to believe it only has nuts, dates and cocoa powder!

I think for the 6/8 dinners I had my friends amazing Southwestern “Rice” Bowls. I couldn’t get enough and made like 2 trips to the store, just for cauliflower. Instead of microwaving it, I steamed it and then pulsed it slightly in batches. One of the times I just threw it raw (but grated) into the saute pan and added a bit more liquid and it still tasted great. I also added some cumin to mine because I love it, but other than that I pretty much followed her recipe. And yes, I tried it with both chicken and flank steak. One night I even had it with ground beef because I had a leftover burger from something. That was soso, but I would reccommend the chicken or the flank stead. Picture is also courtesy of her blog as well!

In conclusion (and a bit of a confession), I did not do this for 30 days straight like I had originally planned. I got frustrated and just plain ran out of time some days to plan. I did enjoy learning about the different things you can do with different vegetables and vegetable-meat combinations. I also definitely felt better and had more energy the weeks I stuck straight with the Whole 30 plan. However, I think a diet this strict all the time, is not in the plan for me at this stage. I still love yogurt (regular and frozen especially), beans, shakes and desserts. I think I am going to go back to cooking healthier, more natural versions of foods I love. I will definitely still use vegetables creatively, experiment with different nut butters and nut dishes (cashew cheese, who knew?!) and make “paleo” dishes from time to time, but I don’t think I will adhere to it so strictly, for now anyway. At least I have this 30 day plan to go back to if I want to give it another go in the future!.

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