Whole 30 Day 9

I really love Sundays! I know it signifies the end of the weekend and I usually have to go back to work Monday, but I don’t usually have anything planned except church, so I am free to spend the day with Little Man and do projects around the house. I usually cook a lot on Sundays while he naps (usually a long nap after church) and work in the garden outside while he plays. Now that the pool is open, hopefully we can integrate that into the routine as well!

Breakfast was another coconut milk “latte” and 2 coconut pancakes/latkes, whatever you prefer to call them. I also ate a little bit of Quint’s scrambled egg that he didn’t finish. I know moms, and perhaps some dads, out there understand that one ;). After breakfast we were off to church.

After church I had to pick up a few groceries, so lunch wasn’t anything special. I just had an apple, some Boars Head turkey meat, some carrots and cocnut water. Gosh, I really hope I don’t exhaust certain food items like carrots, coconuts and almonds by the end of this! Weird question, the ingredients on coconut water boz say that the only ingredient is coconut water, but there are like 11 grams of sugar. In coconut milk there is only 2 grams of sugar. Don’t these come from the same coconut? Is coconut water ok to drink on Whole 30? Logic tells me yes, but the amount of sugar makes me doubtful that it is “Whole 30” approved.
I got home, put Q down for his nap, unloaded the groceries and then set out making these “Paleo Burritos” I found on thefoodie.com that uses boiled collard greens as the wrap! Genius. I clicked on the link for the blog the recipe was found on and she uses these enourmous leaves as wraps for multiple meals, a process I plan on adopting. I love collard greens and they are huge so and make for great wraps and if you boil them, they are durable enough to hold filling, yet soft enough to eat as a wrap! Very cool. It is a bit labor intensive, but if you boil a whole bunch at once, you can just save them and use them for later!
This is the photo from the blog. I think she used a couple leaves to wrap the “burritos” but I just used one. Mine are more like those little grape leaf looking dishes you can get at greek restaurants, but the dish was delicious! My only amendments to the dish, was that I cooked the turkey in a bit of my home-made mole , added cumin, chili powder and a little bit of cauliflower rice while the meat cooked. The next time I make this, I think I am going to try and add some of the cheese-less cheese sauce made from cashews.

For my after dinner snack I had an apple and carrots with some almond butter.

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