Whole 30 Day 8

Saturday. This day was pretty busy too. I didd’t really adhere to any eating schedule, but I did much better at staying on target! Today was a really fun day. I woke up slowly with my little fella, which I absolutely love. He woke up smiling, snuggled and played with me nicely in the bed until I got out of bed.

I had a nice breakfast and time of fellowship with Dorsey in the morning over a coconut latte and a couple carrot pancakes. Then, I cleaned and then got ready to go to Maria’s shower, which was a blast. This one was really special because a lot of friends made a big trip in order to make this shower and it was wonderful to all be together again.

For lunch, since I was at the shower, I just had a lot of vegetables and fruit. It was really neat, my friend Lindsey set up a cookie “pizza” bar with a giant cookie, a bowl of frosting conduscive to fruit toppings and then a bunch of fruit! It was really neat and I was able to eat some of the fruit!

Pinned Image
This is not my photo, but the cookie bar looked something like this. Neat, huh?!

After the shower I had some time to kill, so I went to Home Depot and perused their flower nursery, which I love. I wanted some color to add to my boring flower beds. Gosh, I could spend hours looking at and smelling all the different herbs and flowers. Quint man like it too because he got to help me “push” the cart (made for a very slow-going of it, but a great excuse to spend more time in the nursery!) and play in the dirt. I was very careful not to let him pull up any flowers, which he is notorious for doing at home… I ended up spending about an hour and a half there and escaped spending a little over $100. Not bad for baskets, soil, supplies and bushes!

After Home Depot it was off to Tanyas house for dinner and some jazz! Her neighbor bought an evening of music from a local High School for the Arts and had a bunch of people over. Needless to say I was pretty hungry at this point, but luckily Erin and Tanya were eating paleo as well! So I at a burger with avocado and mushrooms as the bun. I also had some delicious “Mac-And-Cheese” with Quinoa pasta and a cheese tasting sauce made out of cashews! Who would have thought!? I am waiting on the recipe, so I will post later!

The evening was nice and relaxing and it was great to catch up with friends :). I love those laid back garden-style parties. They just make me feel carefree and happy.

Sorry no pictures in this post, I just didn’t have time to post any. I might try and take some pictures of my flowers just to jazz this page up a bit!

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  1. Thanks for the sweet comment & letting me know you guys were able to use the cookie bar idea…it's always such a fun hit! 🙂


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