Whole 30 Day 5

Gosh am I tired today. Long long long couple of days. Of course, how can they not be when you are up at 4:30am… Oh well, anyhow, here is day 5 of my Whole 30 experiment.
Breakfast: Again, just hot water with half a lemon squeezed in. I like drinking that on the way to work. It’s warm and tart and sort of picks me up in a natural way.
Second Breakfast. I was starving for some reason so I ate my apple and almonds at about 9:00 followed by my coconut milk latte and Kale-egg muffins. I find that I HAVE to have a cup of coffee at around 9, or else I am pretty much falling asleep at my desk all day and useless. I tried to drink it black, but I just can’t take it. I used to be able to, but it is just to harsh for me now for some reason.
Lunch. I had a busy day and a couple meetings, so I didn’t eat lunch until late and had leftover jambalaya. I love this stuff! You almost can’t even tell the cauliflower is the rice!
Dinner. I tried a new recipe! Woo too. I love trying these new recipes that showcase very healthy ingredients in ways I would have never imagined! Tonight I had Spicy Indian Beef with Spaghetti Squash. Well, really I only had Indian Beef. Oh and for the beef, I used Publix Greenwise brand. I didn’t have the serrano pepper, so it wasn’t super spicy. I am  not at the point where spaghetti squash had gotten boring. I really enjoyed this dish. I had never made Indian food before either, so this was pretty fun!

Snack: A Mango and a handful of almonds. Gosh, I like almonds more than I thought I did. I wonder if these will get boring?

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