Whole 30 Day 4

It’s back to the work week grind and I’m up at 4:30AM, so I’m not too in the mood to eat. So I just drank a to-go mug with hot water and lemon
Second Breakfast:

Another coconut milk latte and 2 kale, spinach, onion and red pepper egg “muffins.” I baked these ahead and I will probably have them for the rest of the week! These were shockingly delicious and the onions and red pepper made them a bit sweet.

My inspiration for this recipe came from a recipe I found on the Whole 9 website. They used like 4 packages of frozen spinach and 4 eggs. I couldn’t find it again, so I just made one up. In a big cast iron skillet I sautéed 1 yellow onion in a tbsp of olive oil for about 5 minutes, then I added some kale to wilt it. I let that wilt for about 10 minutes (kale is SUPER tough) and then added a handful of mushrooms and an entire bag of organic baby spinach. I used chicken stock to deglaze the skillet if any of the ingredients started sticking to the bottom. I just let that simmer away for another 10 minutes (until there is virtually no liquid at the bottom). I took the mixture out, which had reduced in size dramatically and let it cool.

Then I gave it a few pulses in the food processor and added half of a red pepper and pulsed it again. Then I added 4 eggs and 1 tbsp of minced garlic and pulsed until it was combined. I transferred the mixture into a liquid measuring cup so I could pour the mixture into muffin tins that I had greased with olive oil. I then baked that at 350 for 30 minutes.

Snack: Apple and a handful of almonds
Leftover jambalaya from Day 2 dinner and lots of baby carrots
A grapefruit and handful of almonds
More green thai curry from Day 3 dinner

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