Turkey, Kale and Squash Meatballs

I know these sound interesting, but they are actually pretty good and my son loved them. They are also packed with tons of nutrients from the kale and butternut squash with good protein from the (organic) turkey. As a side note, organic turkey is an organic meat that is good for you isn’t that expensive!

1lb lean ground turkey (I reccommend 93%, any leaner and the meatballs come out REALLY dry)
1 bunch kale, steamed and pureed VERY fine (I sometimes have to add a bit of water when pureeing)
1/2 large butternut squash or 1 whole small butternut squash, baked and cut into cubes
3 tbsp baby oatmeal cereal
1 egg or 1 egg yolk (optional)

Note: I would reccommend doing some of these things ahead of time, so you aren’t slaving in the kitchen steaming, pureeing, baking and cubing.

Dump ground turkey into a bowl and loosen it up with your hands. Add the pureed kale, butternut squash cubes, oatmeal cereal and egg. Mix gently with your hands. Roll into meatballs. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. You could also cook these in a crock pot, or a simmering pan of sauce, depending on how your baby handles acid from the tomatoes. I wouldn’t reccommend frying them because that might be too much grease for baby’s stomach.

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